Not understandable

Things happen and people do things, you know deep down the true meaning.

Whether they are sincere or being fake, the action is still there so it won’t matter.

Some might care, some might want my care and some might criticize me but
my heart is still here.

If they put it under question, I will definitely answer it their way. Why disappoint you?

I know you won’t believe anything else I say, so I give you a fake assumption.

The one you thought of me, not knowing what I was truly going to say.

Some think about unnecessary things and some don’t know when to stop.

Stop talking, stop pestering. I don’t hate you, I hate what is.

When I’m down leave me alone, I’m not like others you know.

When I’m happy come and ask, coz I’ve got the energy to be thoughtful.

What I ask for is your TRUST and LOYALTY. If you do, all is well.

If you don’t, don’t expect it from me. Because I give what I receive.

*under work, I’m trying to make it more clear but having it slightly like “What is she saying? a better way for me.. Any comment about my Punctuation? “


Under the twinkling stars


Under the twinkling stars tonight I hope for a happy future ..
Under the twinkling stars tonight I dream of a happy ending ..
I make a wish at each and every star ..
That all the wars would end ..
And only peace would spread ..
I make a wish at each and every star ..
That all broken hearts are mended ..
And all homes are spread with joy ..
I make a wish at each and every star ..
That the sick would be cured ..
And the unfortunate ones to be blessed ..
Under these twinkling stars I wish for the impossible ..
But what is true is that I’m wishing from the heart ..
From my heart I wish for a happy future and a happy ending ..
Not only for me, but for all creatures of god with a soul ..

Art class “Sheikh Zayed Mosque”

I took a pencil drawing class just recently and our second assignment was to draw a famous landmark in the UAE .. So I drew the ” Sheikh Zayed ” mosque 😍 it’s so beautiful In detail and I tried my best to portray it correctly hehe. ( Sheikh Zayed was our first president and this mosque was made as a memorial to him )


I couldn’t find the picture I copied from online so I’ll just post other pictures of this AMAZING mosque !




It kind of reminds me of the Taj Mahal *heart*

Love is care

I found a very cute quotation about love in Arabic, so I translated it so that I could share it with you ^^
Enjoy and please comment ^^

من كتاب : كم حياة ستعيش ؟

عندما تجد فتاة صغيرة تبذل كل طاقتها لمساعدة والديها،
عندما تجد زوجة لا تحب الشاي ولكن تتذوقة قبل أن تقدمة لزوجها،
عندما تجد أما تعطي ابنها افضل قطعة كيك،
عندما تجد صديقا يشد بيد صديقه كي لا يقع،
عندما تجد أخا يراسل أخته لكي يتأكد أنها وصلت بيتها!

الحب ليس شابا يمسك بيد فتاة ويتجولون؟
الحب هو الاهتمام أينما وجد ❤

From the book : How many lives will you live?

When you find a small girl giving all her energy to help her parents,
When you find a wife that doesn’t like tea but tastes it before she serves it to her husband,
When you find a mother giving her son the best piece of cake,
When you find a friend pulling onto his friend’s arm so he won’t fall,
When you find a brother texting his sister to make sure she got home safely!

Love is not when a guy and girl hold hands and walk together?
Love is the care wherever you look❤


Lol .. I captured this hilarious photo while watching the Korean pop band B1A4 ‘s music video.


Something came to mind while looking at this picture which is that in Arabian society and cultures, us girls are always being watched “well not literary” but it is basically true. Since I’m living in a dorm with girls from all over the U.A.E and I got to know more about their daily life and how they live in their own home. Though the UAE is very small compared to many countries with only 7 cities, each city slightly differs from each other, With different traditions and points of view.

I’m from Dubai and its known that it’s UAE citizens are less strict in culture and more free in some aspects. For example, if a scholarship was offered to two students, one from Dubai and the other from Fujairah city, it is more likely for the Dubai girl to get the consent of her parents (just generally speaking)..

Back to topic, being watched. Our dorm is an all girls dorm and all the workers are even females. But even when we could uncover in the comfort of our man-free quarters, us girls are being watched by the girls that we know from either our family side or just probably our neighbor. It is known that Bedouin societies are strict so if a Bedouin girl sees her neighbor wearing a sleeveless shirt she just might rat her out to her family.. It is strange really when you think about it and maybe because I don’t have anybody from home here that I know I’m taking the action of my roommate trying to be careful around them as something silly. As long as the family is okay with it then its not their business.

In the end it is just girls being noisy and trying get girls in trouble .. Well, it’s just something that came to my mind and I wanted to share with you.. If you have any question please ask 😉 I won’t bite hehe..

Craving for the past

Craving for the innocence that used to be inside of me ..
Craving for the time when people’s words meant nothing to me ..
Craving for the time when my word was final ..
But as time went by, all I had was a rival .. Challenging them ..
And the winner wins it all .. He will be the better person ..
But what’s strange is that they don’t even know it ..
I’m a person who imagines things that might not exist ..
It’s all in my head .. But it is true to me ..
I’ve changed through time and its sad ..
Craving for the time when I used to be me ..

*totally unorganized poem but its how I want it*
*thanks for reading and please give me advices or comment if you feel so*